We are blessed to be led by a dedicated and humble team, consisting of team members who have had an integral role in making First Metro Bank the strongest bank in the Shoals! 

Image of Gene Aycock (Board)
Gene Aycock 
Image of Glenda Bowling (Board)
Glenda Bowling 
Image of Greg Bowling (Board)
Greg Bowling 
Image of Rusty Carbine (Board)
Rusty Carbine
Image of Ronnie Garner (Board)
Ronnie Garner
Image of Rodney Howard (Board)
Rodney Howard
Image of Jimmy Hughston
Jimmy Hughston
Image of Don Lewis (Board)
Don Lewis 
Image of Gregg Pounders (Board)
Gregg Pounders 
Image of Mike Underwood (Board)
Mike Underwood
Image of Executive Team

Pictured from left to right: John Conn (Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer); Leigh Ann Pierce (Executive Secretary & Loan Services Manager), Greg Bowling (Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer), Rodney Howard (President & Chief Executive Officer), Carolyn Stewart (Executive Vice President & Operations Supervisor), Scott Haataja (Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer), LeAnn Long (Executive Vice President & Human Resources Director)

Image of Rodney Howard

Rodney Howard

Muscle Shoals (Main Office)

NMLS #: 453024

Phone: 256-386-0600

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Image of Greg Bowling

Greg Bowling

Muscle Shoals (Main Office)

NMLS #: 453015

Phone: 256-386-0600

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Image of Scott Haataja

Scott Haataja

Muscle Shoals (Main Office)

NMLS #: 453022

Phone: 256-386-0600

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Image of Delores Cotton

Delores Cotton

Muscle Shoals (Main Office)

NMLS #: 453019

Phone: 256-386-0600

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Image of Jeanne Thomas

Jeanne Thomas

Muscle Shoals (Main Office)

NMLS #: 1517011

Phone: 256-386-0600

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Image of Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings

Muscle Shoals

NMLS #: 1898634

Phone: 256-383-0600

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Image of Tony Brewer

Tony Brewer

Downtown Florence

NMLS #: 419694

Phone: 256-314-1644

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Image of Jon Pannell

Jon Pannell

Downtown Florence

NMLS #: 772075

Phone: 256-314-1644

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Image of Chris Estave

Chris Estave

Mortgage Originator

Downtown Florence (Pine Street)

NMLS #: 419622

Phone: 256-314-1600

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Image of Tony Hardin

Tony Hardin

Cloverdale Road (Florence)

NMLS #: 453023

Phone: 256-768-1690

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Image of Janice Coger

Janice Coger

Hough Road (Florence)

NMLS #: 453018

Phone: 256-314-1655

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Image of Joseph Southers

Joseph Southers


NMLS #: 440139

Phone: 256-867-6161

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Image of Whitney Skipworth

Whitney Skipworth



NMLS #: 440136

Phone: 256-867-6161

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Image of Reed Reynolds

Reed Reynolds


NMLS #: 2469131

Phone: 256-7651890

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Image of Mike Vaughn

Mike Vaughn


NMLS #: 453033

Phone: 256-331-0600

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Image of Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson


NMLS #: 453026

Phone: 256-314-1636

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Image of Joel Balentine

Joel Balentine


NMLS #: 1627476

Phone: 256-314-1636

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Image of Tara Nava

Tara Nava


NMLS #: 2332042

Phone: 256-229-1100

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Image of Dana Smith

Dana Smith


NMLS #: 2540987

Phone: 256-757-2296

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